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  • European Union Announces Full Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrencies

European Union Announces Full Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrencies

After sharing the leaked news a few weeks back, my followers have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the official announcement, which was expected.

The European Union’s executive branch has laid out plans to create a comprehensive framework for digital assets.

  • Dubbed the “Regulation on Markets in Crypto Assets” (MiCA), the bill will provide clarity on what constitutes a “crypto asset,” as well as definitions for different token subcategories.

  • It will provide rules on digital asset custody and capital requirements, while also stipulating what the relationship between the token issuer and the token holder will be, including laying out a procedure for investors to file complaints against projects.

  • Officials also floated the idea of a regulatory sandbox initiative for companies developing infrastructure for the trading and settlement of digital assets.

  • If passed, the MiCA would turn the EU into the largest and most significant regulated space for cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world.

  • The framework will be applicable in all 27 member states, giving regulated crypto companies passporting rights across the entire bloc.

  • Following on from concerns expressed last week by five European finance ministers, the commission has also warned that stablecoin issuers will likely be subject to more stringent regulatory checks.

You can read the official EU proposal here: